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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thoughts about Virtual Communities

Well now that I am further along in this Theory of Pedagogy class it has become apparent to me that the need for virtual communities among education professionals is really quite a concern. I had not realized the actual need of such an offering before now. I had thought the idea a good one and that those types of technology advancements had a place but it really did not seem so necessary. Virtual communities can improve so many aspects of any business, not just education although I am mostly speaking about education because that is where my work is conducted. Teachers can now share ideas within communities without having to be face to face and either feel inadequate with their questions and assumptions or too bold. By being online their discussions and inquiries can be contained or sent out globally. What a treasure as a teacher that any knowledge you wish to acquire is now at your fingertips, and with just a little time and research you can learn from others all over the world and pass all of this knowledge along to your students and peers. Communities online can be focused on just a few subject areas or as many as you could imagine, there really are no rules. Wow! I cannot wait to start developing a virtual community for my school and have this available for my teachers and staff to share and learn together, that is what teachers are anyway...researchers.

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Sharon Wilbur said...

Kym, your quotes are very inspiring! I can tell that you are a right-brained learner. How have you been able to assimilate all of the information contained in the readings to suit your learning style? Which of the virtual learning communities did you visit for your case study and what design features did you find most pleasing and functional. I believe that learning styles are important to address not only in face-to-face communities but also in virtual communities. I look forward to hearing your comments.

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